to see.

i can’t tolerate blank, white walls, at least in my living and work space. and i’m certain that’s what led me here. 

an experiment, it started as eight panels of newspaper blackout from pages with interesting words, interesting type or with an image that piqued my interest, beckoned my eye.

i’d been inspired by burrough’s cut-ups and austin kleon’s newspaper blackout poems and did a bit of work on it, though it wasn’t something i ever FELT or even liked very much, really, so i just kind of left it.

“to see.” – panel #1

i’m not sure, exactly, what brought it on — it was just that fire in the belly that compelled me this past april to just do, beginning the first, not knowing exactly what i was setting out to say. just. assembling.

in may i began reading the photomontages of hannah hoch, on recommendation from my love. and kept assembling. 

surreality and the assemblage of images my fire…

was beautiful, too, that we made one together…

“to see.” – panel #6, with sea.

finding beauty among the banal, among tragedy, then reassembling to create something new…

additional works.

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