the HP project – guerilla art for pride 2023.

i loved them, but it wasn’t long before i took them all down from the nook in my bedroom, followed later by the books, stuffed into the little free library down the street from me here in berkeley. i’d thought of this last year, my execution of it hampered by recent heartbreak and loss. something i kicked myself for, at one time. grateful, now, that i didn’t then. i can’t help but feel it’s so much more timely this year than last.

two each week for the month of pride, each with its own unique message, installed publicly throughout the bay area, without notice. i give you – the hp project, guerilla art for pride 2023.

hagrid – 2 june 2023.

hagrid, PROTECT TRANS YOUTH; painted funko pop, typewritten message on vellum; installed in public library; berkeley, ca.