the busking project.


i’d been kicking this one around a bit for a while. first, really, because to write this way struck me as the loveliest of thoughts, and second, later, out of necessity. well, not so much necessity as much as an unexplored option, a potential side hustle. a medium by which i can write for people and make a little money doing it.

t & f - desk 0314

i chose what i thought would be an easy first night, a local wine stroll here in town, at little store called twig & fig, the doors open late & the counter for serving tastes in branded glasses. and by easy i mean just a lighter load of pressure. i’d still have to write on the fly, but at least i wouldn’t be doing it outside on a corner somewhere my first time out. it ended up quite the success. twas the perfect stream of the perfect sort of people, mainly there for the wine, four of whom filled my tip jar for stories at their demand.

twas a beautiful thing, that momentary connection, watching my patron/s read what i wrote them…

many thanks to the 510 video podcast for our wonderful chat!

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