reveries of a solitary walker.

i moved to berkeley in january of 2012 to attend cal, having lived in los angeles my entire life. i even sold my love at the time, a 1970 ford mustang, deborah, to finance the move. and my life has changed for the better as a result.

i walk everywhere now. and, i’ll be honest, pretty often i’ll have a little schmoke before i head out for errands or what have you. but i end up having these amazing walks, always involving music and introspection and the joy of walking my city. then having read and fell in love with both rousseau’s confessions and louis aragon’s paris peasant. well. here we are.

“reveries of a solitary walker” is an experimental series of films & photographs which riffs on the idea of the “flaneur,” the urban explorer of 19th century france and made famous by writers such as baudelaire and rousseau.