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24 october 2016.

why, yes, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

i’m just about a third of the way through the second edition of “a f*cked-up fairytale,” my debut novel. i’d come across this quote on twitter, attributed to james taylor, in which he reflects on the idea that a song is never really finished. and the thought had already crossed my mind, so…

Elephant Words has since shuttered. it was a great writing exercise and a wonderful experience. and still contributing to Crossing Genres, though i haven’t recently, i’m back into my next piece, so…

i’ve been reading and researching, too. for the next novel in my series. feels good to have vision, direction. i’ll be sharing my journey through both. i do hope you’ll join me.

— pan.

14 march 2016.

welp. i must report i am not a finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards, unfortunately. i’m not fretting over this, however, as i’d expected it. i mean, i do have a incarnation of the word, “fuck,” in the title, after all. that said, i’m an outlaw, for life. and proud of it. and my congratulations and well wishes to all of the finalists!

i’m excited to report, though, that i’m now writing for Elephant Words. every week our editor chooses an image to inspire short pieces of writing, in any form, up to eight hundred words. it’s a wonderful idea and a great exercise for me. you can also find them on twitter and i’d encourage you to follow.

— pan.

7 february 2016.

exciting news! a f*cked-up fairytale has been submitted to the 2015 Lambda Literary Awards for LGBT Debut Novel, pan ellington for the 2015 Emerging Writer Award.

— pan.

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