“a f*cked-up fairytale – raves & rolling, my journey down the rabbit hole.” : ebook


Post millennium in the underground rave scene in Los Angeles, “a f*cked-up fairytale” is Ellington’s debaucherous tale of a young woman as she loses herself in an adventure through the chaos of illegal, after hours warehouse parties, love, sex, and drugs.

 Drawn from Ellington’s own experiences in the rave community, the author’s literary style descends from both Bukowski and Thompson – frenetic, surreal, and urban. In Ellington’s case, however, with a decidedly queer bent. Blurring the line between reality and fiction, “a f*cked-up fairytale” begins an origin story of mythic proportions.

“I feel like I am not reading a novel. I am reading you. But, since, it is written in the first person, with each page, I feel like I am in you, like I am… inside of you. But not the you that I currently know, a long ago you…”




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