occupy los angeles, 2011.

the first general assembly would be at pershing square with maybe thirty or so people, zuccotti park in manhattan occupied for a good month by then. i was there, the result of a fluke, a chance meeting of a guy named joe at los angeles city college *rest in power*.

day one – signs.

we were all standing in front of city hall, text updates coming through from my cousin, at home doing recon, watching the news. the blues were assembling in chavez ravine, rows upon rows of buses, waiting for the word to come down and get us, a quick jaunt down sunset and they’d be there in minutes. my friend looked up at the gleaming white tower of the hall.

“it feels like a trojan horse to me.”

it wasn’t more than a few minutes later when we found that it was. cops dressed for fallujah would pour out of the building, billy clubs swinging and zip cuffs at the ready. that wouldn’t be till later, though.

eviction night.

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