fear & loathing as america burns.

i hadn’t set out to write this book, either, only to rant and reflect on our american acid trip of terror, otherwise known as the trump era, in the moment and in my own decidedly queer thompsonian fashion, maybe leave behind a record of my thoughts & that forty-two thousand dollars and counting u.c. berkeley double degree. media studies, holla.

beginning with the 2016 presidential election, ending with the inauguration of president joseph r. biden, and featuring my own photography and artwork, this collection reflects and dissects the moral and political chaos ushered into american’s daily lives with the presidency of donald john trump in my own unique voice, inspired by the likes of hunter s. thompson, amusing on subjects such as bernie versus hillary, the then burgeoning movement known as the “alt-right,” the freddie mercury biopic and bird scooters, queer loves, the death of representative john lewis, and our so-called peaceful transfer of power, among other things.

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