i’m trying to think back to exactly where it might have began. maybe seventh or eighth grade or so, with martha’s canon ae-1: at the l.a. county fair, taking close-ups of the interiors of dollhouses there; in tijuana, mexico at the church and group home sponsored by the church i grew up in. i took a photo there of a little girl, sitting amongst the open air, free bazaar in the courtyard, by herself in a tiny rocking chair.

little girl in rocking chair / tijuana, mexico, ca. 1987

or attending the korean war veteran’s memorial dedication in washington, d.c. i wasn’t able to attend the actual ceremony, they’d changed the admission policy at the last minute and i found myself walking the mall by myself with my father inside. i walked past this man, sitting on a bench by himself. i’m not sure what compelled me to go back, but i did and asked if i could take his photos. he said, “yes,” and i could have sworn he had tears in his eyes as he did…

veteran in the shade at the vietnam veteran’s memorial / washington, d.c., 1995

with my advantix camera, adventuring through the underground rave scene in los angeles at the dawn of the century….

and in my #solitarywalker series here in the bay…