experiment 39 : 3.

carillon.i am romantic.and not just where women are concerned.some things, for me, are inherently romantic. a tiny notebook in which to write one's thoughts.super 8 movie cameras.leather shoulder bags.journals.certain types of pens.etc.every day at noon and, i guess, sundays at noon and again at two*, the carillon chimes on campus.  i hear it when i … Continue reading experiment 39 : 3.

experiment 39.

yesterday i turned 30fuckingnine years old and it sucked.  i was edgy and horrible all day, for the most part, regularly occurring mood swings thrown in for good measure.  whatever.  i feel great today. upon further contemplation, though, i kinda landed on the idea that this move, berkeley, these past few months, have marked a … Continue reading experiment 39.