recent happenings.

it’s a weird time, you know, on the one hand i’m feeling hopeful from seeing the leadership of the country beginning to right the ship, but then on the other just out here waiting for my shot, still hunkered down and hoping a variant doesn’t get me, while our asian brothers & sisters fear leaving their homes, taking their cans out for trash day. it’s just a lot.

so i’ve done my best to remain productive, get back in my hustle and i’ve got the fruit to show for it. i published my first collection of photos and essays on the tr*mp era in february, “fear & loathing as america burns,” and have been heartened, pleased, humbled by the positive response i’ve received. quality over quantity, ya’ll.

look for updates on my patreon, where i’ll be publishing additional pin-up photography for patrons. my work has centered around documentary and street photography, up until a couple of years ago. it’s such a difference working with models, which i love, framing the image, the rhythm and language between my subject and i.

& i re-launched my ezine slash newsletter this month. i call it a mixed bag from your jack of all trades, it’s mostly films & documentaries i’ve found interesting, artwork & articles, & yes, of COURSE a little of what i’m doing. you can sign-up here – rest assured, there will be no spammy selly bombardments from THIS outlaw artist.

i’m so incredibly grateful to have this time to put into my creative endeavors, that rent is affordable, that unemployment has been *knock on wood* coming in regularly. i really do wonder what kind of restaurant industry there will be left to return to after all is said and done. i feel as though it might be the universe pushing me onward in another direction, to something entirely new…

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