things afoot in ’21.

exciting things are afoot as we all take a deep breath and exhale any remnants of the fuckery of a year called 2020 today, borne partly from the decimation of the restaurant industry and the uncertainty of its (& thus, my job’s) return post-pandemic, born partly of self-reflection & the hard work of healing, i’m taking this time to reinvest in myself and my work, fellow artists & my community. and maybe, just maybe, i’ll be able to carve out a little living for myself and my people out of the hustle.

first and foremost, i am pleased to announce the publication of my first collection of essays and photography of the last four years, “fear & loathing as america burns – rants & reflections on the trump era,” available in the house shop on january 20, 2021. you can read one of my first essays in the series here.

also coming this month – the relaunch of my monthly ezine, “the walk,” where i’ll share all that i’ve read and watched that i’ve found interesting or moving or somehow necessary. enter your email below to subscribe.

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courtney, the black velvet session; photographed by pan ellington.

also afoot in ’21 – more photography (pin-ups, anyone?) and artwork, coming soon!

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