a brief note on the artist’s fatal flaw.

sticker bombs : about to deploy.

as an indie artist out here living outlaw style on the edges of late capitalism, i’d posit that most of us have one – fatal flaw, achilles heel, call it what you will. mine? that eternal struggle, negotiating the space between my creative productivity and self-promotion.

the slap poem project : in the wild.

we’ll begin with the fact that i’m awful at marketing myself, writing bios, hawking my book, my patreon. even the word “marketing” makes me shudder. and end with the never ending tug of war — when i’m making art and writing i fall off on the promotion ish and when i’m on le promo hustle my making falls off.

so consider this my meandering reverie on where i’ve been these last couple…

united 4play, 1996. ; photomontage by a.p.y. & pan ellington.

touched very beautifully and very deeply by my muse.

the slap poem project: in the wild, iv.

all photographs & photomontages by pan ellington.

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