with all else failing – fear & loathing as america burns.

sticker bomb, in the bathroom at the stud, san francisco, calif.; september 2019.

walking to work the other day, listening to gaga’s fame monster, i lifted off of my path and into a long ago trip on a psychedelic called amt, my head on his lap in front of my pair of sick-ass speakers, the drug and the music taking me someplace else, some other-world where everything sounds and feels good. happened again yesterday, too. out and about with my love running errands and that, random trance song over the transom and i’m back in a downtown warehouse in l.a. rolling on ecstasy, swimming in serotonin in some dude’s lap and i can’t help but wonder, in retrospect, whether these flashbacks weren’t brought on by, like, the relentless american fuckery under president dump truck donnie. as if the last two years weren’t enough on their own, we find ourselves clocked cold by the one two punch of el paso followed by that massive fucking ICE raid in missisippi. except it’s more like an endless barrage, that one two followed by rollback this followed by privatizing that and on and on and on. no surprise my brain is flashbacking me like this – the body in self preservation mode out of stress and despair. that is millions of years of evolution at work, dear readers.

i keep fucking wondering when it is we’re going to reach the breaking point and each time i do i often think we probably already have. just because speaker of the house, isn’t worth my spit, comforter, philosopher, and lifelong snit nancy pelosi doesn’t seem too keen to impeach and keeps saying over and over that the real way to rid ourselves of donnie is to vote him out. but that presumes a fair election and the folx on MSNBC haven’t really brought up that point yet. which is why i’m bringing it up here, i guess. so great, you’re maybe sitting there thinking, now what the fuck do we do?

occupy los angeles; 2011.

shut it. THEE fuck down. and i’m not just talking about a women’s march one off. something sustained. and profoundly disruptive. actions that will hit them where it hurts.

“yeah,” you say, “but i gotta work. gotta pay bills and that and i can’t afford to…”

okay. get those words out your mouth right now. the republic is at stake. this is gonna be one of those moments folx will look back upon and ask what did you do? that is, you know, if we actually survive all of this fuckery.

“there’s no lie there, i’ll give you that,” you might be saying, “but…”

i have two words for you. hong kong.

hong kong; fall 2019.

they’re giving me hope. and they’re showing us how it’s fucking done, new tactics amongst those that mirror our own. radicals on the weekend, they’ve shut down the airports, the city center, risking their lives at the hands of beijing. it’s what we must do here.

i light, take a haul off a j.

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