a grippa film screens for ‘ya.

i was feeling under the weather this week and spent a good deal of time in front of the widescreen, hence this epic rec post instead of the usual, rather skimpy posts on the dastardly facebook page. i’m also finding myself cutting back on the news, because i don’t know about you, but for me it’s just gotten too flipping stressful watching america implode in real time on msnbc.

*streaming on hulu.

The Gospel According to Andre’. // i recognize the fact that much about the fashion industry is problematic. but i can recognize, too, the art and beauty created around it, in clothing and imagery, even in what is written and said about it. enter andre’ leon talley. the film follows his journey from the US south, first as a receptionist at warhol’s factory, then on to vogue under anna wintour. *highlight: wintour waxing poetic on talley’s talents & virtues and those of lgbtq folx, generally.*

*streaming on hulu.

Kusama – Infinity. // painful story, beautiful art. and always a lovely surprise to find the concentration of genius here. it’s always been a fascination for me, though here it takes a dark turn – in the form of men appropriating kusama’s ideas as their own…

*streaming on hulu.

That Summer. // concentration of genius again, in this we see the seeds of the mayles brothers’ Grey Gardens with the likes of capote, warhol, et cetera et cetera romping around the hamptons. a must see for the queers, especially.

*streaming on netflix.

L.A. 92. // research for my next novel, i try to consume as much media as i can from the era i’m writing, hence. that said, i do love my docs these days and this one is truly a remarkable work, comprised of both news and first person footage, you’ll watch it all unfold, almost in real time…

so, there you have it.

’til we meet again, my friends.


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