a different part of the story.

“Dead Mother and Child” – Edward Mvnch

i really should be working right now, but it’s been one of those days
one of those days that doesn’t come so often anymore
one of those days that i’ve just become accustomed to wear.
some days, like today, i don’t know that it’s coming,
the emotional hook to the chin because i was looking somewhere else just then.
there’s a part, you know, that’ s a gift.
the freedom 
the outlaw childhood in surburbia
my succession of lost boys 
creating my family out of thin air.
when life happens
when i or it 
the things that i feel with all of my years
when i feel her absence 
swim in her and the tragedy of it.
defined by the death of a woman i can never claim to know
the saint only.
the last time i felt like this i stopped going to high school
but this is a different part of the story, you know.
— p.e.

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