beginning on thursday.

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i really don’t know where to begin.

so i thought i’d start on thursday.

i discovered this semester that i’m basically the same student i was when i was twelve.
limited engagement = minimal effort.
true story.
my transcript reflects this.

if this semester were to be written as an academic paper, i would title it, “hubris : a primer.”

once in a while i feel as though i’m on the brink of something extraordinary.  i never fail to remind myself that i’ve felt this way before.

if i explained everything to everyone i am sure that people would realize i’m not as crazy as i appear at first.  or maybe they would.  or maybe i would appear more crazy.  any which way, this is not something i’m interested in.

it’s just that i’ve been the town weirdo since i was about ten years old or so.
i’m used to it now.

besides, if i explained everything then there wouldn’t be much to discover.

i’ve been listening to fiona apple today.
jesus christ.

i’ll be graduating berkeley in may and i will tell you right now that i will try to do everything i can to avoid having to, like, ugh.  i can’t even think about this right now.

there’s nothing sexier than a smart chick.

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