experiment 39 : 33.

good god.

i did not have a good day in latin this morning.

so, i feel ready going into this midterm, right?
like, ready. without being cocky.
because i’m very superstitious about these things.

i put the time in, man.
not crazy time, but a couple hours every day over break.

so i’m sitting there, taking my midterm,
everything is progressing swimmingly, right?
going over my translations very carefully
flip the page for longer passages.

then fucked

by time.

or i let it fuck me.
i prefer not to get into the particulars, here.

the point is this.
it’s pretty fucking cool i can even do this shit now in the first place.
and it’s also fucking cool that i’ve been working my ass off on this shit and it’s fucking paying off.

and i’ll be honest, here*
i’ve never been one of those optimism people, all right.
but it was a pretty cool feeling walking away from that
regrouping my shit
and putting the whole goddamn thing in perspective.

cuz the old me woulda totally trashed the kitchen, called it a day.

*there’s no goddamn point if i’m not.

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