experiment 39 : 27

i began my day feeling like my life was a huge joke to the universe – whose humor, by the way, was completely fucking lost on me.
one of those things you know is not going to make that much of a difference in the scope of your life,
but.  you know.  just the profound disappointment of not being able to catch a LITTLE break.  
like.  you’re not asking to win the lottery and marry that football player’s girlfriend that everyone’s talking about on twitter right now.
just, like.
something small.
my morning.
and it just sent me over the edge.
and i’ll admit.
i tantrum/ed.
but the gift of perspective arrived swiftly.
hit with the realization that everything in my world is truly okay.
some carry burdens far heavier than mine.
frustration quelled
by stepping outside of myself.

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