experiment 39 : 21.

check it.
that’s what i feel like the inside of my head would look like.
the abstract or whatever.
riding the momentum of the semester.  
thinking about papers i want to write.
grad school.
how poor i am and how i don’t give a shit.
happy just to take my walks
tiny notebook tucked away, of course.
i might have said before that i’m closer to the person i’ve always wanted to be here than i ever could have been in l.a.
it’s been an amazing year.
a gift.
and the elation of what i feel.
at being here.
at being who i am here.
and the fear
and the insecurities
it’s all running through me.
the writer and thinker.
an intense few days.
reflecting back 
profound growing pains
born of a profound year.

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