experiment 39 : 18.

all right.
check it.
that kid up there, that’s edgar.
he’s an awesome little fellow that often gets cast as stuart’s second fiddle.
we met at this place i worked at for a while,
kind of a half dog rescue, half daycare, half overpriced dog shop in beverly hills adjacent kinda thing.
and during the day the rescues always came into the park.
back then edgar was tom and, man, did that kid work me over.
holy lord.
let’s just say he was not planned.
he’s a great little guy.
it’s not hard to see things though.
his timidity.
his love of dark quiet places.
i kept his name tom for a while.
then at city we read ‘king lear’ in muller’s class.
in it prince edgar must flee and disguise himself to avoid the wrath of his brother.
he takes the appearance of a beggar and calls himself tom.
and let’s not get into character issues, okay?
broad strokes, people.
he’s just a little pup.

the other night as i carried him up to my loftbed ++
i smashed his tail between my hip and the ladder on accident and he screamed
and i went into comfort mode,
you know the voice.
and as i stepped down the ladder with him
he braced his arm against my chest
and i looked in his eyes and i saw
that he really believed i had done it on purpose.
at least that’s what i think i saw.
it fucking broke my heart, man.
it made me see him in a such a different light.  
and the good fucking news is now he’s with us.
he’s a great friend to stuart and a great friend to me.

++ juvenile, yes.  but i need a couch to play video games.

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