experiment 39 : 16.

check it.

so, in pushing myself to work with songs written by artists other than the beatles or rufus in my films i found myself landing on ‘letters to cleo’ today.

my first real girlfriend introduced me to them.  i guess she was feeling nice that day.  but it was love at first listen for me.

they’re one of those bands, you know.
one of those bands whose music brings you back to another time and place.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMDKb09myQo?rel=0]
another time and place 
early nineties
just out 
just dumped
tweeking out in hollywood 
‘does your momma know’ 
the tweeker club at the coconut teazer 
back when the coconut teazer wasn’t a foodie dump 
and even though it was a tweeker club 
the deejayed always spin 
sick deep house
nag champa wafting through the air
pool balls clicking in the background
snorting in the bathroom.

ten a.m.
sunday morning
squint my eyes
to day.

diet coke with the windows rolled down rolling east
sixty miles  
‘letters to cleo’ taking me home. 
still a staple they are.  playlists, road trips, a new girl that i’m dating.
i love that feeling.
the feeling of not listening to someone’s music
but of having a relationship with it.

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