experiment 39 : 15.

check it.

whoa.  i’m fried.

okay.  so, i love strawberries and this affair’s been going on since i was a CHILD.  many things have changed in my life over the years but not this.  never this.

right, so strawberries, i am happy to now report are back in season.  what i usually end up doing, though, is creating elaborate strawberry sundaes out of basic ingredients found in any trader joe’s.

however today.

today i decided to have just the strawberries.  i didn’t know why exactly i had saved the best for last until…

at grandma’s house, in grandma’s homemade pies, in my mom’s fruit salad on the fourth of july, family dinners at marie calendar’s, b and r every friday night and on and on and on.

go ahead and head shrink me, man.  i’ll tell you.  i am sure my love of these berries is somehow tied to my peter pan complex, it’s true.  whatever.  i’m chill about it.

it doesn’t matter, anyway.

because they were fucking amazing.

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