experiment 39 :14.

check it.

today while walking the dogs i passed by an older african-american man.  speeding down the sidewalk in his motor-driven chair, wearing his giants cap, holding a scavenged bike rack in his lap.  i smiled at him, as i always do when passing strangers and he smiled back.  instructed me to have a nice day.

walking further i passed yet another older gentleman.  this one caucasian, dressed in slacks and a button up vest with a pocket-watch and chain, handle-bar mustache, english driving cap and a cane.  i smiled, he smiled back and said that my two lovely little dogs were sure to make his day a happy one.

simple gestures.
long way.

i was raised by a man who lived his adolescent years in the fifties.
a blue-collar man.
a former navy man.
the smiling walking thing is something i got from him.
something i grew up with.
something i love to do.

smiling at those we don’t know intimately, at those we will never see again, at those we pass on the street as we go about our daily lives, nothing more than a tiny gesture.  a gesture that connects us, albeit in the smallest of ways, but a connection nonetheless.

i live in the electronic age.
there are aspects of technology that i am not willing to forgo.

but one should not be sacrificed for the other.

we all are part of the global community.
we all ache to connect, for understanding.
some gaps can never be bridged.

little ones can, though.
i hold the power in the palm of my hand.

so do you.

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