experiment 39 : 12.

gay pride.

check it.

things have changed in the twenty years since i came out.

nineteen, scared.  not a lot of us were out then.  no ellen and portia, martina, i think, but no rosie, no elton, no barney.  rufuckingpaul.  afuckingdragqueen.

not a peep.

the idea, though, was that the more regulars, mainstream folks, straight people that knew us the harder it’d be for them to deny us the equality we were asking for.

coming out as a political act.

the famous followed US.

watching our brothers and sisters die.
shouting for the government to see us when their eyes and ears were willfully closed.

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the progress we have made is problematic, at times.  we are not perfect.

progress.  not perfection.

we have stepped out of the shadows and others are joining us.

read this today:
ben cohen – straight rugby star stands up to bullying.

love that.

and now:
fifteen year old girl from pittsburgh attends first gay pride parade in san francisco.

gay pride sunday, emerging from the bart station, hearing the roar of the crowd, seeing the colors and smiles and the joyous expression of the self in all of its messiness, beauty, blemishes and chaos, i said to my friend as mist filled my eyes,

“i bet those drag queens at the stonewall never thought it would end up being THIS.”

a beautiful legacy.

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