experiment 39 : 11.

check it.

the idea of getting rid of my fucking television has been ruminating in my head almost since i moved up here.  and by television i mean satellite.  directv.  whatever you wanna call it.

this is what sent me over the edge.

the next day i called directv to cancel and soon found myself speaking to what seemed like some sort of head honcho customer service woman.  she tried.  man, did she try.  i tried every angle, starving student, you know the drill.  and then i had to lay it on her.
“lady.  all right.  i’m just gonna be honest with you.  the shit that’s on there.  it’s just poison, man.  it’s just a way the man controls us.  all of us.  and i’m just sick of it.  and the stuff i still wanna watch.  like ‘walking dead,’ i’ll just download illegally.  okay, lady?”
“so, we can have service disconnected for you in two business days at the most.  well send you a return kit for the receiver.  the instructions will be inside.”
you can call me the nerd outlaw.

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