experiment 39 : 10.

look.  i’m tired of having to worry about this.

it’ll all balance in the end, yo.

saw this on the television machine before i killed it.

i was having a discussion with a friend once about a public figure.  and he said something that has stuck with me since.  and believe me, if any of you know me, you know how many drugs i’ve done and realize this is a miracle.  digression.  he said that the authenticity of the transmitter matters much less than the authenticity of the response of the receiver.
that said.  i love the guy’s idea.  of walking fully, or as much as one can, in someone else’s shoes.  and i’m not even talking about this in a literal sense.  it really seems like few of us rarely even think along these lines.  and the ones that do are not the ones that fucking need to.
and trust me on this.  if any of you know me you know how fucking hot i tend to get over certain things.  
all about progress.  
not perfection.

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