experiment 39 : 8.

my gender expression is not political.  it is just how i am.  i will not hide it nor will i apologize for it.  
i will not play a role that societal constructs say i should play.  
one of the things i love about identifying as queer.  there are aspects of me that are inherently boyish and others that are not.  that could even be considered, *gasp*, girly.  
having to choose one or the other is not what life is about for me.  
i hate limitations.
he will fuck you up wearing that pretty little vintage number.
© mark seliger
two sides of the same person.
obvious top.
© nick knight
“alejandro,” directed by steven klein

adrian young.
rock n’roll straight daddy drummer.
make-up and tutus onstage.
’nuff said.
stay at home dad.
genderfuckery at its finest.
© bob gruen

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