experiment 39 : 7.

at&t is the mortal enemy of blogs.
the delay.

the collective.

totally random.

other night i happened to see jay-z’s set at bonnarroo.  i think the only reason i did was just to see what it was like.  not the typical pair, those two.

the collective experience.  what i love about concerts.  sure it’s fun to smoke a little weed and watch our favorite rock stars strut around.  but it’s that shared experience with strangers that gets me every time.
for just that little slice of time, every participant demonstrates she is present in that moment.  and to see all the people that are in the same place i am.  yeah.  it’s always emotional for me.
song starts @ 2:20.
i was there.  with my girlfriend at the time.  we talked about the girl in the pink wig that night.  she was not that far in front of us.  
to be in the middle of that.  that energy.  that excitement.  pure positivity.  is something i don’t think i’ll ever forget.  
this world is about the individual.  how much can i get?  how can i be happy?  etc, etc, etc.  i don’t know about you, but my head tends swims in a litany of questions among this sort more frequently than i’d care to admit.  
it’s nice to step out of that and to see others do the same.
might be nice to jump together in real life, too.

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