experiment 39 : 6.

memorial glade.

i’ve never been one you could call a “nature person.”  meaning while i do enjoy the beauty of our natural environment, if there is a such a thing anymore, i’ve never been a super active outdoor let’sgobikeridingandhikingaberrypicking whenever the sun’s out kinda chick.

part of me always wished i was that kinda chick.

apparently something has shifted in this arena.

at least where memorial glade is concerned.

i love memorial glade.

every afternoon, weather permitting, one will find people reading, playing, laying out, making out.  quidditch practice every friday at four.
i’ve been able to glade much more lately since summer session’s been mellow.  
the dogs and i.  
laying around.  
i read.
thinking to myself i am fucking lucky to live this life.

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