experiment 39.

yesterday i turned 30fuckingnine years old and it sucked.  i was edgy and horrible all day, for the most part, regularly occurring mood swings thrown in for good measure.  whatever.  i feel great today.

upon further contemplation, though, i kinda landed on the idea that this move, berkeley, these past few months, have marked a rebirth of sorts.  i feel different.  good.  better about myself and what i am doing than i ever did in los angeles.

experiment 39.
every day for one year, i will post something positive, something that made me happy as i went about my day.  it could be a picture.  a story.  a song, whatever.

i can’t say for sure why i am doing this.  but i know that yesterday my mind was far away from anything good.  i guess i just don’t want to feel that way again.  and it’s gonna be pretty fucking hard after i’m done with this whole damn thing.

and then.

there’s this+


more on that soon.

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